Lida and IsaiahSt. Luke’s is a big-hearted welcoming family with a place for YOU at the table. Our diversities of race, class and sexual orientation make for a joyful richness of family life.

As the only historically African American Episcopal parish in East Tennessee, we continue to affirm our Black Church heritage of actively advocating for full equality and justice for all and for healing of the earth.

We actively support the Union of Black Episcopalians and its diocesan chapter. As a Believe Out Loud congregation, we also work for full LGBT equality in Church and society.

On May 7, 2013, Bishop George D. Young III installed The Rev. James R. Anderson
as our 3rd rector.

We’re excited to bring to our ministry Father Anderson’s wealth of experience and ministry gifts:

  • Strong, inspiring preaching
  • Exciting, meaningful liturgy
  • Non-judgmental and compassionate pastoral care
  • Commitment to and experience in ministry to all diversities
  • A passion for Jesus and a passion for justice, community involvement, neighborhood development and social justice

Come, join us as we move into this new chapter in the life of our parish.